Advanced Geotechnological Systems
Your trusted partner in the Russian and CIS geoexploration market.
AGT Systems exclusively represents a number of high technology geophysical and geological equipment and software companies from around the world.
We have flawlessly served clients throughout Russia and the CIS for more then 20 years and have good relationships with all Russian companies. institutes and government agencies.

Our corporate mission is to make their research and exploration as accurate and as professional as possible, because this directly impacts on their success and profitability. We work together with our clients to access the best solutions available throughout the entire geological-geophysical exploration sector.

Our overriding principles are honesty, professionalism, and care from the beginning to the end of a project.
AGT Systems is international alliance
Head office
Our services
We provide:
  • Clear communications between end user and manufacturer including translations as needed.
  • All paperwork including import/export customs, tender documentation, agreements between manufacturers and end users. (Note: under Russian law, a foreign company cannot work directly with government companies).
  • Technical support, training and after sales maintenance.
  • Promotion at exhibitions.
  • Collecting feedback from customers.
Our Clients
A partial list of the companies in Russia and the former soviet republics who have placed their confidence in
AGT Systems.
Our Partners
If you are interested in becoming a partner with AGT Systems, please feel free to contact us.
Tel: +7 495 232 07 86
24A, Smolnaya Str., Office 1420
Moscow, 125445, Russia
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